Sunday, October 17, 2010

Content is king, cross-device digital rights is key ... for e-paper as well

The limited number of e-books available on IPad pushed me to install Amazon Kindle app on this device.
In my humble opinion, IBooks reading experience is better but reading Winnie-the-Pooh starts to be boring ;-)

Moreover, thanks to Amazon, I can choose to read it on several of my devices where Kindle app could installed (IPad, IPhone, PC, Android systems, etc...). Even if reading a book on a phone is not convenient at all, at least I feel that my digital rights are respected. If I loose or break my IPad and wants to buy back a Samsung tablet equipped with Android, I'll have access to my library of e-books.

Cross-device digital rights is a MUST HAVE for publishers moving to digital world. Apple can not lock readers to his devices using content created by others. It tried it in the past with music. It had to extend afterwards to deliver MP3 versions of music.

You will argue that I could read some books on iBooks and some others on Kindle. And you are right. But today, in my mind, I can accommodate the user experience of Kindle and prefer to have future-safe digital rights. So next time, I'll first search on Kindle.

For newspaper, I also experience the "content is king" assertion. I subscribed to a newspaper quite limited application - even painful from a user experience point-of-view. However, I renewed my subscription to keep access to the content which I find useful.
On the side of cross-device digital rights, I'm blocked. Even if I have a subscription on my IPad, I can not read it through my Android phone. I consider this as unacceptable since I already paid for accessing this content.

When will iBook be open, when will newspaper support cross-device digital rights ?
To be continued ...

Benoit Quirynen

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