Sunday, December 19, 2010

Print publishers - it's time for a Copernican revolution

Today, we see a lot of print publishers willing to leverage IPad interactive capabilities to better monetize their assets. Since paper is currently their main source of revenue, they thus study how they could extend their IT systems and processes with minimal impact to deliver interactive experience.

Experience proves that adding interactivity along the way is complex and painful, often requiring manual costly processes. For a future-safe approach, publishers should consider redesigning their whole IT, taking digital and interactive as the source and "passive paper" as one of the multiple and diverse outputs.

Some of them already started this move in to adopt to the online space. It's only the beginning. This definitely requires a "Copernican revolution" and related change management processes to move the whole company in 21st century.

Thanks to evolutions during the last decade in this domain, by both industries and open source, this investment will make it much more cost effective and seamless for introduction of new formats and extension to new devices.
Having "rock-bottom" costs for the production factory can leave the money on the long run to either attract top writers and bloggers, bringing the right audience and/or give flexibility to evolve in terms of business model.

Yesterday, moving in the new space was an opportunity. Tomorrow, keeping current methods will yield a threat.
Are "Print publishers" ready for this change ? Future will say.

To be continued

Benoit Quirynen

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