Wednesday, March 2, 2011

IPad 2 - price points are set for competitors

Today, Steve Jobs announced the IPad 2, the feature list and the prices for the new device.

The main features are sitting in the engine, except the so expected cameras (front and back) that are now on board. But the most important part is the price which stays the same.

This now shapes the market for till end of 2011.
No one can sell a successful tablet more expensive than IPad 2. The only reason buying another tablet than IPad 2 is a lower price.
Let's make a tour of the challenged tablet vendors:
- Motorola Xoom equiped with Android : similar feature set as IPad 2, probably less powerful CPU, certainly poorer batteries and higher price. This one is xoomed to fail.
- RIM Playbook : poorer features, probably less powerful CPU, certainly poorer batteries, same prices as IPad 2. They can perhaps survive focusing on corporate market but it will be bloody challenging and they will eat their margin anyway through rebates on volume based deals.
- Samsung Galaxy : Samsung announced a 10.1 inch in MWC and will announce a 8.9 inch at CTIA end of March. Since Samsung did not yet publish any price, they still get a chance.

Let's take the positive angle. What could be a competitor of IPad 2?
- a device in the range of 300$ or 300€,
- 9 inches minimum,
- a USB able to plug any USB webcam,
- a USB able to plug any USB dongle, even 3G/4G,
- decent screen (could be less robust),
- decent CPU (even slower than IPad),
- WiFi only,
- Android 3.0 Honeycomb on board.

If nobody shows up, IPad 2 will have 90% market share at the end of 2011.
This will strengthen their domination of which they often abuse.

Who'll be the first ? Medion, ASUS, an EEETablet, Samsung, LG, Nokia (just kidding for the last one).

Future will say.



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